Nick Shaw’s burst onto the scene in 2011 put many on notice that Charlotte is gleaming with exciting new talent. The gregarious singer/songwriter hails from Round Lake, Illinois which is right outside of Chicago.....Chi-Town! From there Nick made his way to Charlotte. With music as a driving force and a hungering urge to perform, Nick decided to play out his dream through his instrument and voice. That deep passion manifested itself at age 13 as Nick started performing at popular local karaoke bars and singing songs from acts such as Boys II Men, Jodeci and other early 90′s R&B groups. As Nick started to develop his sense of self he was introduced to THE BEATLES and that was all she wrote! Deriving inspiration from Sublime, Dave Matthews, Radiohead, Pink Floyd and many other notable Alternative Rock bands, Nick found a foundation upon which to build his sound. While working as a bouncer in the famed EpiCentre in Charlotte, NC, Nick got his first true opportunity to showcase his talent. A popular nightclub DJ viewed one of Nick’s YouTube videos. The DJ then played it for the General Manager and to Nicks surprise they offered him a house gig. Using that as a springboard Nick became a staple at just about every bar and nightclub in the Charlotte area and eventually was dubbed “Charlotte’s Biggest Voice” by Heist Brewery.  While 2014 was moving along with a strong upswing and a galvanizing momentum, Nick was poised to make his biggest impact to date. Playing cover songs with small samplings of originals at over 120+ different venues garnered Nick a following that are yearning for more. Nick’s hard work finally put him in a place he has so diligently been working to find himself, in the studio working on his first full-length debut album. Nick has now partnered up with the new age independent label Rize Records and finally the floor is his to showcase.    Always smiling, Nick loves what he does and it shows. Seeing him perform LIVE is a MUST as he gives you a backstage pass to his mind, his heart and his soul. All of which these things will be on full display upon release of his debut album!